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Alrighty. Ready to start? :) First things first:


  • Pencil
  • Ink Pen (Uniball, Micron, etc)
  • Paper (any kind)
  • A GOOD eraser

  • The Sketch

    Got your materials? Good. :) First of all, we need to sketch the character we want to draw. For this walkthrough, I chose to draw a picture of Blitz. Sketch out your picture, making sure you can see the lines you want to keep as you draw. This is how mine came out:


    Now to ink the pic. Carefully go over the lines you want for the character with your ink pen. Be VERY careful not to work TOO quickly or you might smudge the ink some. :/ After inking the pic, wait a minute or two to let the ink settle and dry, then take your eraser and erase all the pencil marks completely (or as best you can).


    This is one of the easier parts. :) Put the image in your scanner (you know this stuff already but I review it anyway ;) ) and Preview it. Then select the area you wish to scan. I scan my images in as Line Art (see the scan options when you scan) at 50% size, 300 dpi. :) This way, I have adequate working area while being able to size the finished product to optimum viewability. After scanning, my image looked like this:

    On to coloring!