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- An online resource of Road Rovers and RR-related fan characters -


Welcome to the Universal Rover Database! Here you can find some useful resources pertaining to Road Rover fan and RR-related characters. The site is still under construction, so not everything here works just yet. Use the menu on the left to access any of the areas in the database. If you have any suggestions for more resources for this site, feel free to let us know. Enjoy!


Main Page

- Returns you to this page.

Bio Database

- A compilation of biographies of fan characters. (= Currently finished section)

Portrait Gallery

- A gallery of numerous fan characters you can freely browse through.

Cel Gallery

- A bonus gallery of some of the RR production cels that are in existance.


- A listing of copyrights for all characters listed on this site.

Site Credits

- A listing of all people who have helped make this resource available.

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Road Rovers 1996-2001 Warner Bros. Animation. This site is for reference to fan-made characters and is not intended to infringe copyrights. All characters 1996-2001 their respective owners. Website 2001 Dylan Rinald.